November Book of the Month Picks

These are the books that I picked from Book of the Month for November. If you would like to give them a try here is the link. It is a steal at $14.99 for the first book and then $9.99 for each additional book. These are new releases and hard back. here is theContinue reading “November Book of the Month Picks”

Book Of The Month Book Haul

This haul is for the months of September and October. Each month I choose three books in my box. I will add a link for you to try if you so wish to try them. Now for the books that I chose. Portrait of a Scotsman By: Evie Dunmore London banking heiress Hattie GreenfieldContinue reading “Book Of The Month Book Haul”

August 2021 Book of The Month Book Haul

These are the books that I chose for the my Book of the Month for August. I just love Book of the Month! You get new hardback book releases for cheap. The first book you choose is $14.99 plus tax and each book (up to 2 more) is $9.99 each. Here is the link ifContinue reading “August 2021 Book of The Month Book Haul”