November Book of the Month Picks

These are the books that I picked from Book of the Month for November. If you would like to give them a try here is the link. It is a steal at $14.99 for the first book and then $9.99 for each additional book. These are new releases and hard back. here is theContinue reading “November Book of the Month Picks”

September Book of the Month

For the month of September these are the two books that I picked. Here is the link to book of the month if you would like to join. It is $14.99 plus tax to join. That will get one hardback book. Then for an additional $9.99 you can choose another book; you can doContinue reading “September Book of the Month”

June Book of the Month

These are the books I chose for my June box. This time they had some good choices, and I ordered the maximum I could. If you want to give them a try for $9.99 here is the link. The It Girl By: Ruth Ware The #1 New York Times bestselling author of One by One returns with anContinue reading “June Book of the Month”

Big Barnes and Noble Haul

This is one of three stacks of books I bought from Barnes and Noble for the month of June. I went a little overboard. Stack two of three. I actually bought these at the Barnes and Noble in Orem, Utah, while on vacation. This is the last stack. I will have individual pictures with aContinue reading “Big Barnes and Noble Haul”

Pioneer Book Haul

I was on vacation last week and I went to my daughters’ favorite used bookstore and these are the books I picked up. The bookstore is named Pioneer books and they were having a summer sale of spend $50.00 and get a free T-Shirt while supplies last. Unfortunately, they were out of T-Shirts but thatContinue reading “Pioneer Book Haul”

Book Outlet Haul

Just before I went on my vacation to visit my family, I made a book outlet order. I bought 9 books, as you can see in the picture. Here is the link if you would like to get $5 off your first order of $25. The Cozy Cookbook By: Laura Childs, Cleo Coyle, B.B.Continue reading “Book Outlet Haul”