An Advanced Look at my Advanced Book Box Haul

August is ending, but my reading will not. These are the books I received in a book box or as ARC (advance reading copy). I am very thankful to the publishers for sending me the books to read and review. I will go through the books from my book box first. The book synopses willContinue reading “An Advanced Look at my Advanced Book Box Haul”

Barnes and Noble Early August Book Haul

I went to Barnes and Noble on the 2nd of August and these are the books that I bought. I am missing two books from this stack; one is a Christmas gift, and the other just didn’t make it onto the stack. Now, here’s my book haul! Paola Santiago and the Forest of Nightmares By:Continue reading “Barnes and Noble Early August Book Haul”

August 2021 Book of The Month Book Haul

These are the books that I chose for the my Book of the Month for August. I just love Book of the Month! You get new hardback book releases for cheap. The first book you choose is $14.99 plus tax and each book (up to 2 more) is $9.99 each. Here is the link ifContinue reading “August 2021 Book of The Month Book Haul”