Weekly Wrap-Up

This wrap-up is for the week of March 27th-April 2nd. I read a total of 8 books which brings my yearly reading total to 114 books. These books total 2, 132 pages.

Romeo and Juliet By: William Shakespeare

I gave this graphic novel 4 stars. It has been a while since I have read this book. I actually forgot quite a bite. This is one of three books by sparks notes. This makes Shakespeare a little easier to understand is one of the reasons they decided to publish this.

You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty By: Akwaeke Emezi

I gave this book 3 stars. This is about a woman is still dealing with the death of her husband. They have just graduated from college when he passed away. She has a friend who keeps setting her up on dates. On one of these dates, she finds herself liking the guy but isn’t ready to commit so they decide to be good friends. This is that story.

A Million to One By: Adiba Jaigirdar

I gave this book 4 stars. 4 young ladies who broad the Titanic to steal a jeweled book. Unbeknown to them that a tragedy will befall them, and they fight to survive.

Teen Titans: Robin By: Kami Garcia

I gave this graphic novel 4 stars. This continues the story of children with special powers are on the run to stay away from H.I.V.E who wants to run experiments on them.

What Lives in the Woods By: Lindsay Currie

I gave this book 4 stars. She is starting to become one of favorite authors. I just love her stories. She bases some or most her books on real life events. I don’t think this book is one of those stories, but I really enjoyed it. It has some creepy moments in it but the young girl figures out how to fix it.

Nothing to see Here By: Kevin Wilson

I gave this book 3 stars. Two old friends get back together. One helps the other with her twin stepchildren. The only problem is that the twins ignite when they get upset.

Mary Poppins in the Park By: P.L Travers

I gave this book 3 stars. As their adventures continues, they go to the nearby park. Where they meet several interesting people.

Three Act Tragedy By: Agatha Christie

I gave this book 3 stars. 13 people go to a dinner. One ends up dead. Why? Who killed the guest? There is no known reason for this death and no trace of poison.

Have you read any of these books? If so, what did you think about them? Do you agree with my rating? Let’s chat in the comments down below. Until next time, keep reading.

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Mother of six and Grandmother of 7. I enjoy reading, sewing, cooking, and crocheting. I am an active member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

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