Weekly Wrap-Up

This weekly wrap-up is for the week of March 13th-March 19th. I read 10 books which brings my yearly total to 102 books read. These books totaled 2,065 pages read.

Gustav Gloom and the Castle of Fear By: Adam-Troy Castro

I gave this book 3 stars. The last book in the series. They are still looking for Gustav dad. The girl is always trying to convince her dad that everything is alright, and she doesn’t want to move.

Wishtree By: Katherine Applegate

I gave this book 4 stars. This was a fun and cute book. This tree has been around for 216 rings. It has a history that needs to be told. Why is it called a wishtree? That is one of its stories. the owner now wants to bring down the tree. Can it be saved? You will have to read the book to find out.

The Night Masquerade and Binti: Sacred Fire By: Nnedi Okorafor

I gave both books 3 stars. I waited too long between the stories and had a hard time remembering some of the details. This is a story about people coming another planet or world to ours and how they interact. In the sacred fire Binti is feeling lost so goes to the desert which is like her home and sets a small bush on fire. This helps her to bring herself back to herself.

Monstress Volume 7 Devourer By: Margorie Lui

I gave this graphic novel 3 stars. This story is getting weirder as it continues on. Different species trying to find control. Young ones protecting each other. Still unclear what is happening to Maika and who she really is.

The Eastland Disaster By: Ted Wachholtz

I gave this book 5 stars. I learned about this disaster last year when I was reading an e-arc. I never heard of it before and ran across this book to learn more. Great information and pictures.

Patricia Wants to Cuddle By: Samantha Allen

I gave this book 4 stars. A co-worker recommended this book to me. I can handle this type of horror story. The book is mainly about a reality show that is being film and on one of their location on sights something happens that changes everything.

LA Weather By: Maria Amparo Escandon

I gave this book 3 stars. The year is 2016 and California is having a severe dry spell. this is following one family through the year. Several small families in to one big family can the families survive all intact before the year ends.

Liberty Jail and the legacy of Joseph By: Thomas D. Cottle and Patricia C. Cottle

I gave this book 3 stars. I was hoping this would be just about Joseph’s life in jail, but it wasn’t. It hit upon it but not too much detail. It was more about his life and the before and after of his time in jail. Kind of a disappointment.

Three Kisses, One Midnight By: Roshani Chokshi, Evelyn Skye, and Sandhya Menon

I gave this book 3 stars. The town was founded 400 years ago. Current day a group of friends known as the Coven will make this Halloween very magical and special.

These are the books that I read last week with my short thoughts of each one. Have you read any of them? if so, what did you think of them? Let’s chat in the comments down below. Until next time, keep reading.

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Mother of six and Grandmother of 7. I enjoy reading, sewing, cooking, and crocheting. I am an active member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

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