2023 Bookish Goals

No Picture for this post. Today I am telling you about my bookish goals for 2023.

  1. I have set my Good Reads goal to 100 books. I will probably read more than this, but this is the goal I set every year.
  2. I want to read 12 short story collections. This should finish up what I have on my shelves.
  3. I want to continue to read Agatha Christie so I will read one a month for a total of 12 books.
  4. To read 12 books about my religion. I have plenty on my shelves. If I get more than 12 done the better.
  5. I am aiming to read 52 arcs. These can be either physical arcs or e-arcs. My NetGalley percentage is 59% so I would like to get that up to at least 70%.
  6. Something new this year is to read at least one graphic novel/manga each week. So that would be 52 books.
  7. I would like to continue to read a classic a month. I am almost caught up with what I own.
  8. Every year I try to read 12 non-fiction books. I want to continue with this. I also have plenty on my shelves to accomplish this.
  9. Last but not least I would like to read 12 tomes this year as I do every year. This is fairly easy because some of my non-fiction that I picked out this is over 500 pages.

These are lofty goals, but I am positive that I can accomplish them. I have done so last year, and I believe I can do the same again.

Have you set any goals this year? If so, what are they if you wish to share. Let’s chat in the comments down below. Until then keep reading.

Published by debbierpayne

Mother of six and Grandmother of 7. I enjoy reading, sewing, cooking, and crocheting. I am an active member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

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