The Monster in the Hollows Book Review

The Monster in the Hollows

The Wingfeather Saga Book 3

By: Andrew Peterson

Publisher: Water Brook and Multnomah: Water Brook

Children’s Fiction

Publish Date: 06 October 2020


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I would like to first thank both NetGalley and Water Brook and Multnomah publishing for allowing me to read and review this book. I am just sorry it has taken this long to do so. I will not be using good reads for the synopsis since this is the third book in a series.

Book Review:

I am really enjoying this series. I had to read the first two books before I could read and review this book. I gave this book 4 stars. This book starts off where it finished in the second book.

In this book they are on their way to the Green Hollows where their mom grew up. This little town isn’t a fan of newcomers and especially don’t like the fact that one of the children look like a wolf. It is hard on the children to make friends and fit in. The other children are trying really hard to make the wolf boy do something wrong so they can kick him of the town or worse.

As the story goes on the children do make a couple of friends but then something happens, and the town turns against them, and they want the wolf boy killed. Alos, a longtime friend ends up not being whom they think he is.

What I like about this story is how the family sticks by each other. It is sometimes hard for the older brother to stick by his younger brother, (wolf boy) because of the things he does but he does. Also, in the town there are some people who don’t care that the younger brother looks like a wolf. They treat him like any other boy.

It is a great story about a family and their adventures.

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