The Enemy You Gnocchi Book Review

The Enemy You Gnocchi

By: Catherine Bruns

Poisoned Pen Press

General Fiction (Adult), Mystery, Thriller

Publish Date 26 October 2021

100 Book ReviewsProfessional Reader

I would like to thank both NetGalley and Poisoned Pen Press for allowing me to read and review this book. Sorry it took me a year to do so.

Good Reads Synopsis:

It’s the deadliest thyme of the year…

With snow dusting the ground and sauce sizzling on the stove, local chef Tessa Esposito is ready to serve up some holiday cheer. And with the annual Festival of Lights underway, it seems nothing can dim her spirits. Not even Mario Russo, the newest scrooge in town whose espresso bar has been quickly disrupting businesses and stealing customers from Harvest Park’s favorite coffeehouse.

But when Mario is discovered at the festival’s opening, face down in a Santa suit, Tessa realizes the bah humbug runs deeper than she could have imagined. And when one of her dearest friends is implicated in the crime, she must make a list of Mario’s enemies, check them twice, and discover the cold-blooded killer. Especially before they can sleigh again.

Book Review:

I gave this book 4 stars. It is the third book in the Italian Chef Mysteries. You can read this as a standalone, but you miss out on the back story. I was a little lost by not knowing what happen in the first two books. The author tried really hard to give clues so you would be able to follow. The good reads synopsis gives you a good view on what happens in the book. What I like about the book is the friendships of the small town and the family units. Tessa is the cousin of the main police detective, and he knows how she thinks and works. He knows that telling her to stay out of the investigation is almost point less but he keeps trying. Tessa finds herself realizing that she has feelings for her late husband’s best friend, and she is trying to come to term with it. This book takes place 14 months after the first book where her husband is killed.

I am finding myself wanting to get her other books so I can read them to get the full picture and then reread this one. It is a fast read and you will tear up in parts of the book.

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