The Recruit Book Review

The Recruit

A Novel

By: Alen Drew

Random House Publishing Group

Random House, Random House

Publish Date 14 June 2022

Mystery & Thriller


100 Book ReviewsProfessional Reader

I would like to first thank both NetGalley and Random Publishing for letting me read and review this book.

Good Reads Synopsis:

A series of murders and mysterious hate crimes rocks a quiet California town, leading a cunning detective into the crosshairs of a network of white supremacists in this can’t-put-it-down thriller.

Rancho Santa Elena in 1987 is the ideal Southern California town—that is, until a series of strange crimes threaten to destroy its social fabric. The body of a dog is left outside a Vietnamese grocery store. An encampment of Mexican strawberry pickers is savagely attacked with mysterious weapons. A wealthy real estate developer is found dead in the pool of his beachside house. When rat poison and red threads are found at these crime scenes, detective Benjamin Wade and his girlfriend, forensic expert Natasha Betencourt, begin to wonder if these brutal crimes are connected.

Soon Ben suspects that a gang of young locals, part of a vicious underbelly in town, might be the perpetrators of the​se crime​s. As Ben closes in on identifying the gang’s latest recruit, he discovers evidence that links the gang to a much wider terror network, one which uses the newly developed internet to lure young men to their hateful ideology and to plan attacks. And while he digs deeper into the investigation, Ben must confront his own realizations about himself, and his membership in a community where corruption and hate are wielded as weapons against his fellow citizens.

Book Review:

I so wanted to love this book because it sounds so good. After three weeks and only 34% through I knew it was time to call it. I gave this book 1 stars and DNF’D it.

The story line is good and is a story that needs to be told but it just wasn’t for me. There are a few things I just couldn’t get pass and struggled with that.

I need to give you warnings about racism, adultery, and animal cruelty. I can handle most of it, but the animal cruelty just did me in.

As I said before this is a story that’s needs to be told because it goes into the thinking and making of people like this. I didn’t realize how these groups got people and now I have a better understanding.

I do want to try more of works to give him another try because once I picked up the book, I was involved it was getting the desire to pick it up.

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