Saddled Up 4 Murder Review

Saddled Up 4 Murder: A Sophie Kimball Mystery #9

By: J.C. Eaton

Beyond the Page Publishing

Humor/Mystery &Thriller

Publish Date 15 March 2022


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I would like to thank both NetGalley and Beyond the Page Publishing allowing me the opportunity to read and review this book.

Good Reads Synopsis:

With a killer on the loose and horse thieves plaguing the area, it’s up to Sophie “Phee” Kimball to corral the clues and bring an outlaw to justice . . .

Spring is in the air as Sun City West gears up for its annual Bye Bye Birdie festivities, when residents bid a fond farewell to the snowbirds and happily reclaim the town for themselves. But planning comes to a screeching halt when the town curmudgeon plummets to her death from the library bell tower and sheriff’s deputies suspect foul play. With the celebration on hold—and Phee’s mother worried that she won’t get her moment in the spotlight on a local TV show slated to cover the event—Phee is thrust into the role of sleuth once again to find the killer.

As Phee soon discovers, there’s no love lost between the town and the unfortunate victim, and with the clock ticking and virtually everyone a potential suspect, she’s got her work cut out for her. Then a passel of horseflesh goes missing, and Phee starts to think the two crimes might be connected. With the town on edge and high noon approaching, she’ll have to wrangle with a band of daring desperados and lasso a lawbreaker whose dead set on sending her to boot hill

Book Review:

I gave this book 4 stars. Even though it is the 9th book in the series you can read this book as a standalone without any issues. The writer’s give you enough information that you really aren’t lost with the relationships and the people in the story. Of course, with that being said it would give you a better understanding of the people and relationships.

Anyway, I enjoyed the relationship between our main character, Phee and her mother. Her mother drives her crazy with her dog and her friends in the book club she has with them.

In this story there are horses which are being stolen and one unexplained death of a woman. Phee’s mother wants her to find out what to this woman so the big send off the winter tourist can go off as planned. Her mother and the book club come up with some off the wall ways to figure this and Phee is caught in the middle.

Meanwhile the stolen horses have gone crazy and Phee’s boss and fiancé looking into this, since they have been hired to do so.

This story has a lot of funny things happen which involves Phee’s mother dog which has caused me to laugh out loud. The adventures and the friendship in this book are so easy to get into that you don’t want to put the book down.

I will be picking up the first books to get to know the characters in the story more and be able to understand them better.

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