At The End of Everything Book Review

At the End of Everything

At The End of Everything

By: Marieke Nijkamp

SourceBooks Fire

Sourcebooks Fire

Teens & YA

Publish Date 04 January 2022

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I would like to thank both NetGalley and Source Books for allowing to me read and review this book.

Good Reads Synopsis:

The Hope Juvenile Treatment Center is ironically named. No one has hope for the delinquent teenagers who have been exiled there; the world barely acknowledges that they exist.

Then the guards at Hope start acting strange. And one day…they don’t show up. But when the teens band together to make a break from the facility, they encounter soldiers outside the gates. There’s a rapidly spreading infectious disease outside, and no one can leave their houses or travel without a permit. Which means that they’re stuck at Hope. And this time, no one is watching out for them at all.

As supplies quickly dwindle and a deadly plague tears through their ranks, the group has to decide whom among them they can trust and figure out how they can survive in a world that has never wanted them in the first place.

Book Review:

I gave this book 5 stars. At first I wasn’t sure I was going to finish it because I didn’t like how it started. As I read on I couldn’t put it down.

There are trigger warnings at the beginning of the book so please read those before you start the book.

This book is about a group of teenagers in a juvenile treatment center. They are there for different reasons. Some you will learn about and others you won’t.

As I said before the first few chapters are rough and I almost DNF it.
But once you get past those chapters the true story takes place. The teens learn how to survive and get along with each other even if they don’t like one another. As the story goes on you discover the reason why they are there.

I also recommend that you read the author notes at the end because it gives you the reason why she wrote the book.

This was an eye opener to me because I couldn’t image that the government would do this to these teens in the real world but I could be wrong.

It is amazing how she wrote this book because you go from wanting to dnf it to you can’t put it down.

The reason I wanted to dnf it was because the adults were not nice or gentle with these teens. They allowed things to happen inside the building that shouldn’t have happen and the guards didn’t care. I also couldn’t believe that the adults in charge would just leave them alone during this time. Not one adult question that order.

I highly recommend this book everyone should read this book because it really makes you think.

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