Amelia Unabridged Book Review

Amelia Unabridged: A Novel by [Ashley Schumacher]

Amelia Unabridged

A Novel

By: Ashley Schumacher

St. Martin’s Press

Wednesday Books

Teens and YA

Publish Date 16 Feb 2021

100 Book ReviewsProfessional Reader

I would like to Thank both NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.

Good Reads Synopsis:

Sparks fly between two teens as they grapple with grief, love, and the future.

Eighteen-year-old Amelia Griffin is obsessed with the famous Orman Chronicles, written by the young and reclusive prodigy N. E. Endsley. They’re the books that brought her and her best friend Jenna together after Amelia’s father left and her family imploded. So when Amelia and Jenna get the opportunity to attend a book festival with Endsley in attendance, Amelia is ecstatic. It’s the perfect way to start off their last summer before college.

In a heartbeat, everything goes horribly wrong. When Jenna gets a chance to meet the author and Amelia doesn’t, the two have a blowout fight like they’ve never experienced. And before Amelia has a chance to mend things, Jenna is killed in a freak car accident. Grief-stricken, and without her best friend to guide her, Amelia questions everything she had planned for the future.

When a mysterious, rare edition of the Orman Chronicles arrives, Amelia is convinced that it somehow came from Jenna. Tracking the book to an obscure but enchanting bookstore in Michigan, Amelia is shocked to find herself face-to-face with the enigmatic and handsome N. E. Endsley himself, the reason for Amelia’s and Jenna’s fight and perhaps the clue to what Jenna wanted to tell her all along. 


I gave this book 3 stars. I thought it was just ok. I felt like Amelia wasn’t allowing people the right to grief like herself. She was a little selfish in my thoughts. I am glad that she had a place to go to to help her and she figured out a way to help her through her grief.

She is able to go to a small town and meet her favorite author of a series books that seems to help her. This author also has some issues he is dealing with. They meet up and and start getting along. Things happen and they are both able to deal with their problems.

I am not trying to under play grief because it is real and can be hard to deal with. I just felt that Amelia wouldn’t allow other people to help her and get her the true help she needed.

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