The Boy, The Wolf, and The Stars Book Review

The Boy, The Wolf, and The Stars

By: Shivaun Plozza

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing

Publish date November 2020


I would like to thank the amazon vine program for allowing me to read and review this book.

Good Reads Synopsis:

A boy and his pet fox go on a quest to find a wolf who has eaten all the stars in the sky before the Shadow Witch destroys the stars and removes good magic from the world forever.

Long ago, the land of Ulv was filled with magic. But that was before a wolf ate all the Stars in the night sky, ridding the world of magic and allowing Shadow Creatures, beasts made of shadow and evil, to flourish. Twelve-year-old Bo knows the stories but thinks the Stars and the wolf who ate them are nothing more than myths—until the day Bo’s guardian, Mads, is attacked by a giant wolf straight from the legends. With his dying breath, Mads tells Bo that Ulv is in danger and the only way to prevent the Shadow Creatures from taking over is to return the Stars to the sky.

And so Bo—accompanied by his best friend, a fox called Nix, a girl named Selene who’s magic is tied to the return of the Stars, and Tam, a bird-woman who has vowed to protect Bo at all costs—sets off on a quest to find the three magical keys that will release the Stars. But Bo isn’t the only one who wants the Stars, and the friends soon find themselves fleeing angry villagers, greedy merchants, and a vengeful wolf. And all the while, an evil witch lurks in the shadows and time is running out.


I was not impressed with this story. So sadly, I have to give it 2 stars. This is a story is very slow paced. I think for the age group it is intended for it needs to faster pace to hold their interest. If an adult finds it slow and had a hard finishing, I think the children will to.

I enjoyed the thought behind the story, just not the pacing. I cannot recommend this book.

This story is about a young boy and his fox go exploring the woods to find the legend that is talked about in stories. There are wolves and witches and magic in the woods. The boy and his fox go on these adventures and comes some things to excite them.

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