Embassy Of The Dead Book Review

Embassy of the Dead

By: Will Mabbitt

Candle Wick Press

Walker Books US

Middle Grade

Publish Date 08 September 2020


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I would like to thank both NetGalley and Candle Wick Press for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.

Good Reads Synopsis:

Jake Green is dead. Or he might as well be when he mistakenly accepts a package from the Embassy of the Dead in this hilarious adventure of the afterlife, the first in a series.

When Jake Green opens a mysterious box containing a severed finger, he accidentally summons a grim reaper intent on dragging him to the Eternal Void (yes, it’s as fatal as it sounds). Now Jake is running for his life. Luckily, he has a knack for talking to ghosts, which just might help him survive long enough to reach the Embassy of the Dead and plead his case. With the help of a prankster poltergeist and a dead undertaker, Jake dodges fearsome undead creatures, discovers his own ghostly abilities, and gets excused from the school field trip due to a terrible (and made-up) bout of diarrhea. But the Embassy has its own problems, and Jake must be very careful where he places his trust–in both the living and the dead. With a plot that zips and a colorful cast of characters, this delightful new series delivers laughs and shivers in equal measure.


I am really late in reviewing this book. This should of been done over a year ago. Sorry everyone. I gave this book 3 stars. It was okay but the story felt familiar to me. This is about Jake who has received a package from a stranger and when he opens it there is a finger inside. In the first place the package isn’t for him so he shouldn’t have opened it but he did which is normal for a kid. He needs to return this package with it’s strange gift and he recruits some ghost to do so. Things happen when they are trying to return this finger. It was a quick read and fun.

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