Closet Confidential Book Review

Closet Confidential

A Charlotte Adams Professional Organizer Mystery #4

By: Mary Jane Maffini

Beyond the Page Publishing

Humor/Mystery & Thrillers

Publish Date 17 August 2021


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Good Reads Synopsis

Fourth in the series featuring organizer and amateur sleuth Charlotte Adams, following Death Loves a Messy Desk. A friend hires Charlotte to organize her closets and prove that her daughter’s accident was murder. And now Charlotte has to get a house-and her suspects-in order.


I first want to thank NetGalley for letting me review this book. This book is not new, but it is being re-reviewed for republication with the new book cover.

I had a blast reading this book, so I gave it four stars. I haven’t read a cozy mystery that deals with organizing your home, so this was a new twist. There are organizing tips at each chapter heading which leads into the subject of the chapter, which I found fun and helpful. This book deals with organizing closets.

As the synopsis’ says a friend ask Charlotte to help organize his wife’s many closets. Their daughter died a few months earlier and it has been deemed an accident. His wife is having a hard time dealing with this and insist her daughter has been murdered.

Charlotte says she will look into this death because she isn’t sure if it was an accident herself, as she was in Paris at the time. Her other friends want her to leave it alone, but Charlotte thinks that if she can prove it was an accident it will help her friend and his wife move on. Charlotte’s own life is in order (as you’d expect from a professional organizer), but looking into this accident has put her life in disarray. There are two many questions and not enough answers. Did the daughter die by accident or was it murder? Why is her friend insisting it was an accident, but why is his wife insisting it wasn’t? Will they find closure? Will the closets ever get organized? You will have to read the book to find out!

Until next time, keep reading!

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